One Of Chevrolet's Patriotic Pickups From SEMA Is Headed To Production

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Sales of the badass Silverado will raise money for a great organization.

Most of the crazy and wild models that make it to SEMA never make it out of the show. What we mean is that they never see dealer lots, well mostly never. One truck Chevrolet brought to SEMA will be put in production, though. That's the Special Operations Silverado, based off the Z71 1500. The military-friendly truck sports a paint scheme that pays tribute to Razzle Dazzle, a camouflage used on warships back in WWI. Part of the proceeds from each sale will go towards supporting the Navy SEAL Museum.


Chevy hasn't announced how much each truck will cost or what its availability will be, but if we had to guess we'd say "a lot" and "not so much," respectively. Aside from the unique paint, the Special Operations Silverado comes with a bunch of accessories, including a sport bar with LED lights, custom rocker guards and a cool strip of LED lights that go across the grille. Patriotic American trucks and SUVs are obviously nothing new. The Jeep Patriot paid tribute to the men and women of the military a few years back with the aptly named Freedom Edition. Now that the SUV is being discontinued we wonder if the automaker will let it go out with a patriotic bang.

Even though the Patriot looks like a Jeep Cherokee circa the early 1990s it has sold well. Perhaps that's because it starts at just $17,595 and when fully optioned still only gets to about $31,000. A final Freedom Edition fully optioned would be a great way to send out the Patriot and would let FCA show its patriotism.

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