One Of The 500 McLaren 675LTs Is Now Up For Sale On Craigslist

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That's 666 horsepower listed right beside "missed connections."

Craigslist might be one of the last places a moneyed gearhead would look when seeking a supercar. I say "might" because I don't know any moneyed gearheads. They may actually use the classifieds site. But to many people, Craigslist is still a Wild West of sorts where everyone is a scammer looking to pull a fast one. Sure, some fake cars are put up for sale on there-like this "Bugatti"-but many reputable dealerships use the site to move supercars. We recently saw a Lexus LFA listed on Craigslist and now there's this: a McLaren 675LT.

This McLaren 675LT is for sale at 503 Motoring Sales in Beaverton, Oregon, (near Portland). The ad says it only has 250 miles on it, but the dealership's site lists it at 300. Regardless, that's not a lot of miles period. However, the one major discrepancy between the two ads is the price. The 675LT seems to have dropped in price by $11,000 in the 22 days since its Craigslist ad was posted. That makes it one of the cheaper 675LTs for sale in the US, at least according to an Autotrader search. The original MSRP was $349,500, so this markup isn't exactly insane. We have seen a lot worse before. Now only 500 675LT Coupes were made-along with 500 Spiders-and all of those sold out damn quickly.

But the 675LT isn't just a pretty and rare supercar. To put it bluntly, this thing is a beast. It is powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 sourced from the McLaren 650S but features 50% new parts. As you'd expect it is more powerful with an output of 666 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque vs. the 641 hp and 500 lb-ft of the 650S. The 675LT was designed with the track in mind and to that end it makes 40% more downforce than the 650S. That "Longtail Airbrake" as McLaren calls it is also a functional thing of beauty. A run from 0-62 mph takes just 2.9 seconds and its top speed is 205 mph. Now the story here isn't so much that a McLaren 675LT has been listed for sale on Craigslist. The real story is how Craigslist has become a legitimate place to buy and sell supercars.

Of course it's not the go-to for the world's rarest or most exclusive supercars but you can find a ton of McLarens, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc... listed for sale on the site. Of course you need to watch out for scammers but sometimes due diligence is as simple as making a phone call or searching a VIN. Craigslist isn't the only place this car is listed for sale on, it was also on eBay Motors, but that's not the point. Craigslist will never be a go-to place for supercars like James Edition or eBay Motors but it is a viable option and should be treated as such. Just make sure to arrange all supercar sales in a brightly lit public space to ensure safety. Just kidding. That won't save you.

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