One Of The Coolest Ever Audi Spots Has Just Been Banned


I'm sorry, Audi. I can't let you broadcast that commercial.

As of late, Audi's done a pretty stellar job with the adverts it's been producing - with a lot of the really great ones focusing on the firm's flagship product, the R8 supercar. For instance, we're probably not the only ones who rank Audi's 'Commander' commercial from this year's Super Bowl as one of the top TV ads of 2016 so far. The advertising regulators don't seem quite so keen, with Britain's Advertising Standards Authority deciding to ban a particular Audi UK advert that, at first glance, appears rather innocuous.

As it's an advert that was broadcast in the United Kingdom, it's likely that many of you have probably never seen it before, so here it is.

Upon initial viewing, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly offensive about Audi's 'The Eye' commercial, which featured a CGI-altered eye with a pupil that dilates and contracts in time with the rev count and gear changes. It's actually a pretty creative piece of cinematography, and certainly less unusual than the recent Audi advert that showcased an R8 giving birth to an RS3. Alas, someone decided 'The Eye' glorified speed and irresponsible driving too much - which isn't an exaggeration, as the ASA began investigating the ad after receiving just one complaint.

It also seems the individual who wasn't satisfied with 'The Eye' would also make a suitable member of the ASA's team, as the organization concluded the commercial "linked speed with excitement". As carmakers are forbidden from broadcasting adverts that "condone or encourage dangerous, competitive, inconsiderate or irresponsible driving," the ASA decided to ban Audi UK from broadcasting the commercial. Do you agree with the ASA's decision?


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