One Of The Craziest Supercar Companies Is Coming Out Of Bankruptcy

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This is good news for all.

Supercars have always been some of the most radical vehicles on the road, but no other automaker could match Gumpert's insanity, looks, or performance. When Gumpert announced that it was bankrupt in 2013, we let out a heavy sigh as the automaker was working on some incredible vehicles. According to a report from GTSpirit, Gumpert has just been acquired by a group consisting of clients from SPS Automotive Performance-an exotic car workshop in Hong Kong. This is great news for everyone.


Being a supercar manufacturer isn't the easiest thing in the world, but it's something that Gumpert did relatively well. The astounding Apollo, which is the automaker's only vehicle to ever hit the market, was the fastest supercar to lap the Top Gear track in 2008 but has since been bested by several vehicles. After the Apollo came out, Gumpert revealed the Tornate Concept Car and the Explosion but had to give up on those due to a lack of funding. We assume that Gumpert will be present at the Geneva Motor Show, but there's no word on whether the automaker will be bringing a new vehicle or the Apollo. One thing's for sure, with Gumpert back other exotic automakers will have to work a little harder.

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