One Of The Few F40s Enzo Ferrari Allowed To Be Customized Is For Sale

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Why buy stocks when you can buy Ferraris?

Each of the 1,311 Ferrari F40s that rolled out of Maranello were instant classics. The car was designed to be a celebration of Ferrari's 40th anniversary and it was the last Ferrari model to receive Enzo Ferrari's blessing. As a result these cars tend to gain value almost as fast as they accelerate. However, this particular example is a bit different than the rest because its owner struck a secret deal with Ferrari. The original owner was a member of the Connolly family, world-renown leather manufacturers who happen to supply Ferrari's leather.

Ferrari originally specified that every F40 would be painted Rosso Corsa red and fitted with the same red and black interiors, but the Italian supercar maker has been known to bend the rules in order to appease rich and well-connected customers. This is exactly what happened when the Connolly family asked for Ferrari's blessing to exchange the red leather seats to a tan leather color. As you might have guessed this rarity is now for sale. The car has 18,799 miles on it and is being offered for $1.23 million, up from the original $399,150 sticker price. For any Wall Street risk takers out there considering becoming car collectors, this is your chance to invest in a one-of-a-kind beauty.

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