One Of The First 911s Ever Produced Now Being Restored By Porsche


Chassis number 57 will be returned to its original glory.

It's not hard to find and purchase a vintage Porsche 911. Depending on your budget and willingness to invest some serious dough to keep it running, there are some real hidden treasures out there. But we doubt you'd be lucky enough to find one of the very first 911s ever built. And yet Porsche has managed to recover one. Chassis number 57 has recently been found, purchased, and sent to the Porsche Museum workshop in Germany for a complete restoration. The goal, obviously, is to get this very special 911 up and running again.

And because Porsche is handling the job, no expense will be spared. At this point the car is pretty much just a multi-colored shell, but give this project a couple of years. No doubt the end result will be stunning.

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