One Of The First Bugatti Chirons In The Wild Drew Huge Crowds In Cannes

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Did you expect anything less?

The Bugatti Chiron turns heads just about anywhere it goes. Up to this point "anywhere" has consisted mostly of car shows and a few runs at events like Goodwood. But that all appears ready to change, at least if these two videos of a Bugatti Chiron (it's the same one in both videos) in the wild are any indication. According to the uploaders this Chiron was being driven around Cannes, France, by its owner. That means customer deliveries have started, which means more sweet, sweet Chiron videos should be coming our way soon.

Both videos are low on action and high on slow speeds and crowds swarming the Chiron. That's just fine with us. At this point we're good just seeing the newest Bugatti out and about.

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If your Chiron fix still hasn't been met then this second video should do the trick. Hopefully some of the customers taking delivery of their Chirons are good with cameras. These videos by supercar spotters are fine for now but we want a closer look and some faster speeds!

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