One Of The Most Beautiful Volkswagen Concepts We've Seen May Reach Production


The US-spec Passat looks more boring than usual right about now.

Volkswagen chose to reveal its latest concept, the C Coupe GTE, at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be for China only. From what we’re hearing, the C Coupe GTE may make production as a new model that’ll slot between the Passat and the Phaeton. At this time VW isn’t saying whether that’ll happen for sure, but the concept is undoubtedly sleek and just plain cool. Note its wide stance and four-door coupe styling along with its crisp lines throughout.

VW head of design, Walter de Silva, stated that "Saloons (sedans) have changed hugely in recent years. The new design of the rear that is oriented to the classic two-door 'coupe' has given them more personality." The interior, though very much far from production ready, appears to be inspired by the current Euro-spec Passat’s. That’s not at all a bad thing, and yet another clue that VW may give this concept the green light. Rear seat passengers even have their own center console that provides accesses to an entertainment system with dual displays mounted in the backrests of the front seats.

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VW also claims the concept has one of the world’s most modern plug-in hybrid systems, made up of a 210 hp turbocharged four-cylinder paired to an eight-speed auto. The 124 hp electric motor itself is integrated in the gearbox module. The lithium-ion battery provides an all-electric range of up to 31 miles, while in hybrid mode it can cover more than 497 miles. 0-62 mph happens in 8.6 seconds and has a top speed of 144 mph (81 mph in electric mode) while still maintaining 102.2 mpg on the US cycle. Not bad. So will the C Coupe GTE make production? We’re really hoping so.