One Of The Rarest Lamborghinis Ever Made Is Up For Sale

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You won't see many of these in a supercar hoarder's collection.

Lamborghini may be going through a record sales period at the moment, but it wasn't always like that for the fabled Italian supercar maker. There was a time, in fact, where Lambo models wouldn't even manage to crack the 1,000 units mark: 765 Miuras, 328 Jaramas, 225 Isleros and so on. Very few of these older Lamborghini models, though, are as scarce and as hard to come by as the particular iteration of the otherwise-popular-by-70s-supercar-standards Lamborghini Urraco that you see in these pictures.

What makes this Lamborghini Urraco P200 being sold through Bring A Trailer a noteworthy car to have in anyone's supercar collection is that it represents an interesting period in automotive history. During the 1970s, a lot of countries in Europe calculated their car tax rates through either engine size or the amount of power an engine had relative to its size (Spain, in fact, still has engine-size-based tax laws in place), with Italy at this time adopting a very punitive rate to deter people from buying cars with engines larger than 2 liters. So impactful were these laws, in fact, that even supercar firms felt the need to develop supercars with tiny engines: hence why Lamborghini sold an Urraco exclusively in Italy with a 2.0-liter V8 engine.

Though downsizing has worked really well in today's performance car climate, the same approach didn't really fare as well on the Urraco P200. A combination of the tiny outputs (180 hp and 130 lb-ft of torque) and the after-effects of the 1973 oil crisis meant the demand for any type of supercar shriveled up, and Lamborghini only managed to shift just 66 Urraco P200 models. Even today, demand isn't too high for the Urraco P200, despite them being a very rare sight on the used car market. With 70s supercar values starting to creep up at a noticeable rate, though, the current-at-time-of-writing $21,500 bid for the P200 could be the best price we'll now ever see an Urraco of this type be listed for.

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