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One Of The Rarest Porsche 911s Ever Has Been Rediscovered

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Porsche specialist aims to bring rare Carrera RS back to its former glory with a rebuild and restoration.

An extremely rare Porsche 911 rediscovered in Trinidad has been transported to the UK where it will be given a new lease of life by Porsche Autofarm. The car in question is a 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7, but what makes it particularly special is that it's the last right-hand drive example ever produced. Porsche only built 1,500 RS road cars for homologation purposes, 16 of which were finished in Royal Purple. Out of those 16 cars, only seven were right-hand drive examples.

One of them also featured a delete of the iconic ducktail rear spoiler, which is the car that was rediscovered. Nicknamed the "Trinidad RS," it's one of the most sought-after Porsches in the world and has a colorful history to say the least, having survived unusual modifications, the tragic murder of one of its owners, and 40 years of being exposed to the Caribbean heat and sun.

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Autofarm has already lined up a new owner and will be bringing the unique sports car back to its former glory with a comprehensive rebuild and restoration, which will be documented online in a series of videos throughout the year. "The Trinidad RS is an extremely rare car with a colorful history and it's exciting for us, as passionate RS specialists, to have been able to acquire this car and have the opportunity to restore it to it's former glory," said Autofarm's Managing Director Mikey Wastie. "We are no strangers to working on unusual barn finds, one of our biggest projects having been to rescue and restore an incredible 911 Carrera RS Lightweight that had managed to survive the Lebanese civil war in Beirut."

"The 'Trinidad RS' looks set to be an equally exciting restoration for us and we can't wait to get started." Among the unusual modifications made to the car over the years are tinted windows, a rear wing, a garish paint job and retrofit seats and steering wheel.