One Of The Worst Cars In The World Is Celebrating Its 5th Anniversary

Would the world be a better place without this car?

The majority of automotive enthusiasts love the internal combustion engine in its various forms of natural aspiration and forced induction. However, we all know that hybrids and electric cars are the future of the automotive industry. And this vehicle in particular is something that may go down as one of the worst electric vehicles ever made. The all-electric Nissan Leaf is celebrating its 5th birthday and for being at the head of the EV market. Apparently, Leaf customers have traveled more than 1.2 billion miles, which is the most of any electric vehicle.

While the Leaf is an utterly atrocious vehicle, it has helped keep 328,482 tons of Carbon Dioxide from entering the air. Nissan will deliver its 200,000th model in January, officially making the Leaf the most successful and popular electric vehicle in the world. Nissan has invested quite a lot of money into further plans for expanding the electric segment. We may not be huge fans of the Leaf, but the electric vehicle has been named Car of the Year in Europe and Japan before and has even won the prestigious World Car of the Year award.

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