One Of These All-American Muscle Cars Got Demolished Around Laguna Seca

It's the Z06 Corvette vs. the Viper ACR.

When it comes to Chevrolet Corvette versus the Dodge Viper, here's how it usually goes. The Viper will losetraction at every corner while the Corvette will have decent turn-in, and ultimatelythe cars will be virtually identical at the end of things. What a shame fora difference of over $20,000 in the Viper’s favor. This video slays thatassumption, though. Amidst the interminable chatter of Motor Trend’s hosts there issome actual driving, and the car that wins the lap around Laguna Seca does so by a lot.

Whomever you give your vote to, you will be surprised. Just as a taster, know before going in that the Corvette makes a bit more power than the Viper with two less liters, and according to the hosts (yes they do say some useful things) the Viper handles 1500 pounds of downforce at 150 mph, which is said to be more than a McLaren P1.

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