One-Of-Two Chevy Corvette ZR2 Convertibles Will Sell For Serious Cash

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This is probably a seven-figure Corvette.

Some Corvette owners like to play the rarity card. "MY Chevrolet Corvette was the only one made in New Balance Blue on July 8th, 1974. It's the only one in the world!" We're looking at you too, Porsche Paint To Sample guys. Sure, that might have been the only New Balance Blue 'Vette made on that day way back when, but it doesn't even begin to approach the rarity of the 'Vette you see here.

This Brands Hatch Green 1971 Corvette ZR2 convertible is one of only two in existence, and it's up for auction at Mecum from May 12-21st. Mecum expects the car to fetch over $1 million by the time the hammer falls.

Mecum Mecum Chevrolet

Back when, Chevy introduced the Corvette ZR2 as the most hardcore of Corvettes. Think of it like today's Z06. As a result, these ZR2s came fitted with some super special go-fast bits. Most notably, that means the RPO ZR2 Special Purpose LS6 Engine Package. Quite a mouthful, but a box that was well worth ticking. Doing so resulted in a 454-cubic inch V8 bolted to a Muncie "Rock Crusher" four-speed manual transmission. Power figures are impressive, even by today's standards, with that big V8 churning out 425 hp.

Other upgrades were also made to help these ZR2 'Vettes drive better. THat included four-wheel disc brakes, something of a rarity back in 1971. Cooling was upgraded as well, with a shroudless aluminum radiator helping the huge V8 stay on the right side of exploding. This car also has the F41 Special Suspension pack with retuned springs and dampers, as well as upgraded sway bars.

Mecum Chevrolet Chevrolet

That engine package is partially what makes this car so rare. Only 12 cars exist with the Special Purpose LS6 Engine Package. Of those 12 cars, only two of them are convertibles. This is quite possibly the rarest convertible 'Vette ever made. However, if the drop-top look ain't for you, this car also comes with a factory auxiliary hardtop. It's also totally original and unrestored, with only 8,702 miles on it. That, according to Mecum, makes it the lowest-mile ZR2 in existence. We'll have to wait for the auction to end to see if someone out there thinks this car is worth seven figures.

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