One Of Vietnam's Nine Huracans Just Got Its Face Ripped Off

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This is why we can't have nice things.

The Lamborghini Huracan is an awesome supercar but it's not exactly rare. It's not made in high volumes or anything but seeing one on the road isn't an uncommon sight. OK, the chances of you seeing a Huracan on the road do vary greatly depending where you live. In some countries like Vietnam you'll probably never see one. According to Thanh Nien Daily, there are only nine in the country. However, that number may need adjusting. This Huracan crashed on the highway near Ho Chi Minh City and fortunately no one was injured.

The other good news is that the only major damage looks to be up front. The Huracan is mid-engined which is what makes this news good. Of course the damage done is pretty grizzly, with the entire front end just about ripped off. In addition to being rare in Vietnam, Thanh Nien says that Huracan's aren't cheap. They sell for about $630,000 in Vietnam, which is way over the supercar's asking price in the US which checks in around $237,000. We hope his Lamborghini is back on the road soon and that its driver learned a lesson. The Vietnamese deserve to ogle supercars just as much as anyone else in the world. Photos courtesy of VEC and Trang Tran.

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