One-off 1957 Ferrari 410 Superamerica Coupe by Scaglietti Goes to Auction


The only Ferrari 410 Superamerica to be originally bodied by Scaglietti has been fully restored by the same team that built it and is set to be sold for $2 million in auction next week.

When Enzo Ferrari built highly exclusive grand touring models for the rich and famous, they were very limited in number, often wore bodies by Pininfarina, Ghia, Mario Boano and the like, and were almost always coupes. Attracting an exclusive clientele made up of American industrialists, royalty and prominent Europeans, Superamericas were individually tailored and the 410 variant, essentially a modern coachbuilt car with a powerful 4.9-liter, 340hp, race-derived V12, was no different.

Metalwork genius Sergio Scaglietti, famed for his 250 Testa Rossa and 250 GTO designs, was an old Ferrari friend and while nearly all the bodywork of the 34 410 Superamericas was by Pininfarina, only one was left to the imagination of Scaglietti. Unique from the outset, the one-of-a-kind coupe was commissioned by a wealthy Ferrari patron in 1956, and none other than Enzo Ferrari suggested that Scaglietti should take on the role of designer and builder. In turn the legendary designer, who passed away last November at the age of 91, proposed a road car with a distinct competition flavor.

Its dramatic fastback roof, pair of flagrant fins, side vents and vented rocker panels were all made of stainless steel, the rest of the car was lightweight aluminum. British Smith's instruments replaced Ferrari's usual Viglia units, and twin 50-liter fuel tanks were added. After taking delivery of the car in 1957, it was soon sold in 1958 and again in 1961, and by the 1970s it made its way to an owner in California, where sadly it was stolen. Inexplicably, the thief removed and disposed of the body and sold the complete running chassis to an Oregon farmer. Essentially the car had disappeared.

In 1986, noted Ferrari collector and Hollywood TV director Greg Garrison learned of the chassis' whereabouts, and after placing adverts in local papers offering a reward, its location was revealed. After verifying the serial numbers, the car, consisting of the V12 engine, transmission, driveline and rear end, was bought and within a day flown to Italy. Not long after Garrison had an audience with Enzo Ferrari in Maranello telling him that he planned to restore the car. Within half an hour, people from the factory including Sergio Scaglietti himself informed Garrison they would be honored to restore chassis 0671 SA to its original condition.

Original sketches, work sheets, factory photos and retired Scaglietti workers were sought and two years later it had risen from the ashes. From its brushed stainless steel roof panel through matching fins to the headlight rims that flank the Ferrari egg-crate grille, the stunning coupe spells power and speed. This powerful award-winning, one-off 410 Superamerica, restored in Italy by its original craftsmen has been well maintained and awaits the open road. On 20 January it will be put up for auction by RM Auctions in Arizona.

As Garrison once eloquently explained: "If you were a Prince or a Princess, a King, a Shah, an international film star, a pasta tycoon or a favorite race driver, you might be allowed to possess one of these cars." Nowadays, all that's required is between $1.75 million and $2.25 million. Photos courtesy of Darin Schnabel /RM Auctions

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