One-Off Aston Martin Bulldog To Be Restored For 200-MPH Run


40 years after it was made, the one-off supercar concept is getting its shot at the 200-mph run.

From EVs to crossovers, Aston Martin is embarking on a new era. And that includes a slew of new mid-engined supercars, kicked off by the Aston Martin Valkyrie. But that wasn't the first time that the British automaker, long known for its potent grand tourers, has toyed with moving the engine behind the cockpit.

One of the most intriguing chapters in the company's long history revolved around the Bulldog - a project that was designed to break the 200-mph mark. It never did, before the plug was pulled and the sole example made sold off. But it could yet get its chance to shine.

Classic Motor Cars
Classic Motor Cars

Designed by the modernist William Towns (who had previously styled the edgy and wedgy Lagonda sedan), the Bulldog was Aston Martin's first attempt at a mid-engined supercar. It featured sharp-edged, futuristic styling that came to mind when Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck forty years later, and at its heart sat a 5.3-liter twin-turbo V8 said to be capable of producing as much as 700 horsepower.

Aston envisioned the Bulldog would be the first to crack 200 mph. But after an impressive 191 mph at the MIRA test track in 1979, the project was shelved by incoming chairman Victor Gauntlett due to its high anticipated cost.

Brian Snelson

The one prototype made has changed hands several times over the four decades since. Now its current owner has commissioned Classic Motor Cars (the same outfit behind Ian Callum's Jaguar MkII) to comprehensively restore it so that it can tour the world and hopefully finally reach its top-speed potential.

The project is expected to take a year and a half to complete, and will undoubtedly bring its share of challenges. It is, after all, the only one ever made, and will likely require some parts to be remade from scratch. But we're looking forward to seeing the end result, and the concept car's potential finally realized.


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