One-Off Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster Stuns At Goodwood FOS

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There's quite a lot to like about this amazing car.

Of all the lovely GTs it makes, Aston Martin really does like tweaking the Vantage clan. Not only has the model been extensively tweaked since its 2005 launch, but the baby Aston has been the platform on which a myriad must-have one-offs and limited editions have been built. Perhaps our favorite of the lot is the GT12; a motorsports-inspired variant that turned this one-time Porsche 911 rival into a true track-ready monster. We thought it was the perfect Vantage until Aston Martin pulled the wraps off yet another Vantage model at the Goodwood FOS.

As you can tell from its name, the Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster is a drop-top version of the rough-and-ready back road brawler we fell in love with upon first sight last year, with all the coupe's exhilarating features. For instance, under the hood is the original GT12's 600-hp V12 engine, along with an aggressive aero kit (albeit sans the hard-top's rear spoiler) and a seven-speed paddleshift transmission. Plus, the lucky commissioner of this one-off will find themselves in a sumptuously upholstered interior when they take the GT12 Roadster out for a spin. Hopefully at full throttle with the roof down; flicking through the gears just before the rev limiter kicks in at the 'surely it's not that low?' 6,750rpm redline.

By all accounts, Aston Martin should be incredibly proud of the GT12 Roadster (any current car company boss would adore to have a car like this raw Vantage roadster in their respective firm's portfolio). And yet, Aston Martin feels the GT12 Roadster's real bragging rights is that it's been built by the 'Q by Aston Martin' personalization division. Aston's Q branch has dabbled with commissions before, but this is the first time the offshoot has created a commissioned car on its own. With its more recent experiences of developing low-volume and unique cars, Aston Martin now feels it has the capacity to make at least two special edition models per year. Expect this to result in even more Vantage variants being revealed.

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