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One-Off Aventador Roadster Coming to Geneva

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Model will showcase Lamborghini's revised personalization program.

Lamborghini is coming to Geneva next week with a one-off Aventador Roadster to showcase the firm's revised Ad Personam program. The personalization program allows buyers to "commission a new Lamborghini right down to the smallest details" and will be offered on both the Huracan and Aventador. New options include two-tone body color finishes, a range of interior color combos, a wide choice of leather and Alcantara trims, and a selection of seatbelts and floor mats.

Lamborghini has also introduced a range of new materials including its patented Forged Composite. The carbon-fiber material can be used both inside and outside of the Aventador roadster, including its roof. On display in Geneva, the one-off Aventador Roadster will feature Forged Composite on the front and rear spoilers, air intake, door sills, instrument cluster cover, infotainment controls and screen trim. The bespoke body color is Blue Sideris, which complements the two-tone alloys, blue-highlighted Forged Composite roof and Y-shaped livery. Other unique touches include matt silver mirrors and engine cover.

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