One-Off Bugatti, Veyron Vitesse Le Diamant Noir For Sale In Beverly Hills

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Barely been driven as well.

When it comes to expensive car bragging rights, very little is as impressive as your very own one-of-one bespoke special edition. Bugatti has been very good about producing these for customers who can pony up the cash to do it, something which the company did back in its prewar days as well. Such a special edition is the Veyron Vitesse Le Diamant Noir (The Black Diamond), a less-publicized special edition which is no less a 1 of 1 for it.

The car, which sports bare carbon-fiber bodywork, is one of the last Veyrons made and is equipped with the 1,200-horsepower Super Sport engine. The car wasn't nearly as well publicized as one-offs like the L'Or Blanc or the Bernar Venet, and neither was driven much, apparently. The car is reported to have only 250 miles on it, and certainly doesn't look as though it's had much use. We're not sure who the original owner is, or why they're getting rid of it, but we can say that it is sitting in a showroom at O'Gara Coach in Beverly Hills.

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