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One-Off Custom 1983 Porsche 935 is a 230k-Euro Beauty


One of Porsche Exclusive's first creations.

Porsche Exclusive has been building custom rides for the best part of thirty years, and one of its very first projects was this one-off “935 Street,” a Flatnose conversion of the 930 Turbo. Created for Saudi businessman, CEO and co-owner of TAG (best-known for its TAG Heuer watches) Mansour Ojjeh, the mission for Porsche was to build “a 935 racing car for the street – but with all the luxuries.”

Porsche Exclusive began with a 930 bodyshell and fitted a 3.3-liter turbo from the 934 tuned to 375 hp and 361 lb-ft of torque, before adding the suspension, brakes and wide-arch panels from the 935 race car. It was then given a Brilliant Red coat of paint, while the cabin was swathed in cream leather and trimmed in wood veneer – a first for Porsche. Featuring a list of 550 modifications, this was an elaborate customization; other enhancements include a set of BBS split-rim alloys, Recaro seats and a Clarion sound system. With just 12,000 miles on the clock, the 935 Street is said to be “unrestored but maintained in first class condition.” Last weekend, the car was sold at Bonhams’ Spa Classic Sale for 230,000 Euros.

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