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One-Off Ferrari Concept Erupts In Flames In Monte Carlo


Fire at the Disco!

James Glickenhaus, you might say, has a thing for rare Ferraris. The filmmaker/financier commissioned the Enzo-based P4/5, which was inspired by some of the mid-60s Ferrari racing prototypes in his collection, and has built several more (sans the Prancing Horse) in its mould. His latest project, though, is among his (and his team's) most ambitious yet. And we're sorry to say it suffered a bit of a setback this past weekend in Monaco.

The vehicle in question is the Ferrari 512S Modulo – a one-of-a-kind concept made by Pininfarina and originally revealed in 1970.

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The design was revolutionary for its time, as it is today. Low-slung in the extreme, it looks even more like an alien spaceship than Carrozzeria Touring's Alfa Romeo Disco Volante (flying saucer) from nearly two decades prior.

Another (nearly) half-century later, Glickenhaus persuaded Pininfarina – for whom he's been a good client, to say the least – to sell him the Modulo. And in the years since, he and his team have set about bringing the concept back to original condition – and beyond, committed to making it drivable on public roadways... something for which it was never originally intended.

But drive it Jim did in the Mediterranean principality this past weekend during the Elegance et Automobile à Monte-Carlo concours... until it was struck by not quite a tragedy, but a heck of a disappointment at least. The Modulo's custom exhaust sparked a fire that apparently engulfed the rear end of the car. Fortunately the on-board fire-suppression system put out the flames before any further damage ensued, but suffice it to say that the now-functional show car is going to need some work to repair. And that includes sourcing a new exhaust to replace the charred unit originally provided by a "firm we are no longer involved with.”