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One-Off Ferrari FF Coupe Spied in Japan

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There's no doubting the coupe profile, but is this based on a FF?

These are meant to be rare, yet one-off Ferraris have been bombarding cyberspace with relative frequency of late. Something that looked like a Ferrari FF Coupe was followed by a bespoke F12 Berlinetta Targa, and it's that former model that appears to have resurfaced. Received from a tipster, Jalopnik has revealed the picture that is pretty strong evidence Ferrari has built a FF Coupe. So what are the tell-tale signs?

Distinguishing one-of-a-kind features include aggressive vents at the corners, vertical lines up the grille, three vents slats in the front wings and hood, and of course there's a distinct lack of a shooting-brake rear hatch. Nothing's been confirmed, but a recent rumor suggested an FF Coupe would arrive within the next year. Is this it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and watch this space.

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