One-Off Forza Civic Si Coupe Unveiled in Chicago

2014 Chicago Auto Show / Comments

Winning design was selected by 17,000 Xbox Forza community members.

Honda has teamed up with racing game franchise, Forza Motorsport, to create this first-ever gamer-generated design for the Honda Civic Si. The hot coupe was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this weekend. One of 170 entries participating in the design contest, this Si was chosen by more than 17,000 community members. Based on the 2014 Si Coupe, the car is one of several new models offered on the Honda Pack in the Xbox One Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pack.

The new virtual car came to life in Chicago on Friday, where it was shown prior to its game debut. The Honda Pack will include additional classic Honda entries- like the 1994 and the 1984 Mugen CRX. It is the first vehicle in the game to feature a user-based design, stemming from a contest entry from Tiffany Labedz of Pheonix. The Civic Si joins other recent models born from video game imagination, like the Mercedes-Benz Gran Turismo and the Toyota FT-1. Beyond its external design, Honda did not drop any hints regarding improved performance for the car, nor any plans for its production in the real world.

Drew Phillips
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