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One-Off Lamborghini Espada Could Fetch $885,000

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Just in time for the Lamborghini Espada's 50th anniversary.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the largely forgotten Lamborghini Espada. An immaculately restored version of the grand-tourer recently made an appearance at the Monaco Grand Prix alongside its precursor, the one-off Marzal concept. Fittingly, a unique Espada also recently went under the hammer. Distinguishing this particular 1969 Lamborghini Espada is a plexiglass sunroof letting copious amounts of light into the cabin. It was also painted by Bertone in the same 15-coat metallic blue as the one-off Miura Roadster before it.

Before its American owner took delivery, Prince Rainier III also drove it around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, after driving the Marzal concept around the famous street circuit the previous year. Joining him for the ride was his Princess Grace and his heir, Prince Albert II. After its highly publicised debut, the Espada was air-freighted aboard an Alitalia cargo plane to Boston, where it was showcased at the New England Auto Show in 1969 and never failed to draw a crowd due to its stunning styling. Its appearance also generated attention from the press, featuring in the Boston Sunday Globe with the headline "Auto Show Spotlights Italian Beauty."

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More recently, the Espada received a comprehensive restoration in 2013 and was signed by Prince Albert the following year. It's since been acquired by Ferruccio Lamborghini's nephew Fabio, who put it up for auction a few weeks ago in Monaco nearly 50 years after its first public appearance at Monaco. There's no word yet on how much the historic four-seat supercar sold for, but Coys estimates its value at €550,000-€750,000 –about $650,000-$885,000.