One-Off Lamborghini Urus Gets Green Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit

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This widebody SUV is wild.

With 641 horsepower from its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, the Lamborghini Urus is not what you'd call slow. It's also a pretty extreme-looking machine, but for some, more power and more extreme bodywork are a must. One such person is YouTuber Harris Woodruff, who enlisted the aid of 1016 Industries to create a unique widebody Urus that stands out from any other on the planet. With green carbon fiber and a healthy jump in power, his new creation deserved a similarly attention-grabbing name. Thus, it has been dubbed the 'Green Urnet', a nod to the Green Hornet that inspired this crazy transformation.

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That green carbon fiber is especially attractive, as "the deep green jade weave changes colors throughout the day in the light". But Woodruff says that the carbon is there for increased performance too, although no claims about weight-saving or improved acceleration times have been made. Nevertheless, this carbon has more going for it than just coloring, as 1016 Industries uses a special prepreg process that imbues the weave with more strength and fluidity. This involves carefully laying individual piles of the material atop each other at different angles. The result is an increase in "overall rigidity, toughness, and flexibility", according to the company.

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In terms of performance, not many specifics are provided, but Woodruff has had a Gintani engine tune added, freeing up another 150 horses for a total of 791 hp. A Voodoo Industries exhaust system was also fitted for more noise. Inside, all existing interior panels that could be modified were replaced with carbon pieces, including the steering wheel, while a Rolls-Royce style starlight kit from RFS Motorsports gives passengers a truly luxurious ambiance. There's no word on what all this cost, but seeing how much has gone into this build, we doubt it will have been cheap. The question though, is this: does colored carbon fiber look cheap?

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