One-Off Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Worth $2 Million Stolen Near The Nurburgring

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The owner is offering a $284,000 reward for the car's safe return.

Having your car stolen is a distressing experience. In this case, however, the car in question was a one-off special, just to make the ordeal even worse. The Sunday Times reports that a one-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing was stolen in Germany earlier this month outside a hotel near the Nurburgring race track. It was due to take part in the Oldtimer Grand Prix classic car race meeting at the Green Hell. The owner, entrepreneur Thomas Rosier, told German newspaper Bild he had to park in front of the hotel because the parking garage was full.

Local police believe the car was stolen between 1:30 am and 10 am local time on August 11, but the thieves remain at large and the car still hasn't been recovered. It shouldn't be too hard to trace, though, as the car is easily identifiable thanks to its distinctive design.

Nicknamed the 'Californian Outlaw', according to photographer Remi Dargegen on Facebook the unique 300SL Gullwing can be distinguished by its chopped roofline with bubbles for extra headroom, double bubble doors, custom bumpers, side pipes, Black Rudge wheels, and an ostrich leather interior. It's also one of only 30 steel-bodied Gullwings outfitted with the NSL high-performance engine. While the car is reportedly worth $1.9 million, experts believe the thieves are more likely to dismantle the car and sell it for parts.

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"It is almost impossible to sell the single item on the open market," Rosier said. "I'm afraid that it will be hacked out in parts. That would be a shame." At the time of writing, the Facebook post has attracted over 300 comments and 3,000 shares, prompting motoring enthusiasts to share photos and information to help track it down. The owner is also offering a $284,000 reward for the car's safe return.

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