One-Off Oldsmobile OSV Looks Like A Chrysler Voyager On Steroids

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This is the 90s exemplified.

There are countless US car brands that have been lost to the winds of time. Names such as Pontiac, Mercury, and Oldsmobile spring to mind; all fantastic brands that were responsible for some of America's most beloved cars. Oldsmobile is one of the more interesting brands to have bitten the dust, having conjured up some very unique vehicles that could have made it big if they were released at the right time. The good news is that Oldsmobile cars are still floating around, and every now and then one might stumble upon a rare one on the internet. Introducing the 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette OSV Concept, a weird and wonderful creation that looks like a Chrysler Voyager on steroids.

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This incredibly rare machine has been listed on Autotrader in Canada for $8,588 CAD ($6,645) and is a true time warp back to the glory days of 1990s concept cars. This was one of Oldsmobile's last attempts at keeping the brand alive and bears the OSV (Oldsmobile Special Vehicle) insignia, which was the brand's in-house tuning division. The OSV name was created purely for the 1999 SEMA show, where Oldsmobile entered three cars: an Intrigue sedan, Alero coupe, and Silhouette minivan.

Unfortunately, the Silhouette did not receive much in the form of engine tuning, and kept its standard 3.4-liter V6, albeit with some breathing mods to push power output to 210 horsepower. Brembo brakes increased stopping power, and a total of six Recaro seats kept passengers firmly in place. The exterior also featured some shiny wheels and a not-so-subtle body kit.

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Oldsmobile only built a very limited number of these cars: Barrett-Jackson sold a similar Candy Red car for $9,900 in 2009, and again in 2012 for $18,150, but that example wasn't even road legal. It's still unclear how accurate the "1 of 3" declaration is. Another mystery is the odometer reading which displays 8,601 miles, which is at odds with the dealer's reading of 184,000 km. Whatever the case may be, this is one cool-looking minivan, and with 90s nostalgia in full swing, this should make a solid investment.

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