One-off Pagani Zonda 760 LM Revealed

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The supercar that refuses to die.

Hard as it may try, Pagani simply can't let the Zonda die. The Huayra has been around for a while now, yet extremely rich customers remain besotted with the Zonda and are prepared to spend insane sums of money for one-off variants of the boutique supercar. The latest iteration is dubbed the 750 LM, bought by a diehard fan of the marque who already boasts a Zonda R and Cinque Roadster in his collection. Thanks to davide458italia we have this exclusive video of the latest limited-edition Zonda's unveiling.

The Zonda LM comes powered by a 7.3-liter AMG-built V12 rated at 750 hp (760 PS), and sports an exposed carbon-fiber body work, a roof-mounted air scoop, massive rear wing and beefy diffuser.

Other unique touches include dual air ducts on the hood, wider wheel arches, brake calipers painted in the Italian tricolore, LM decals, clear plastic coverings for the headlights (presumably to reduce drag), and twin stripes that run the length of the car – using the colors of the Italian and German flags. The front suspension was also raised, most likely to maneuver the car over bumps to position it for the unveiling.

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