One-Off Smart ForTwo Puts Porsche 911 Safaris To Shame

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Safari 911s are so yesterday.

Safari builds are objectively cool. They're all about eschewing the stereotype that low-slung sports cars are road-hugging machines you can't even take to the grocery store, much less anywhere without pavement. Porsche 911 Safari cars are a great example. Why worry about scuffing up your air-cooled 911's nose when you can simply lift it and take it camping for a weekend?

The problem with those, however, is that they're rather expensive. At least to start with, the Smart ForTwo wasn't. Back in 2012, it had an MSRP of $12,000 or so. You probably couldn't buy an air-cooled Porsche engine for that, much less the whole car. Sure, it's missing the performance figures of the 911, but this thing looks so wild, who really cares?

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Given the wild look of the Smart, the mods list is rather extensive. Of course, there's the green wrap with skull graphics. Highlights also include a custom external roll cage, complete with winch, skid plate, and roof rack, as well as rear overfenders, huge (for a Smart) tires, and a lift. Those BFGoodrich Baja tires measure 30 inches and are mounted to 15-inch steelies and suspended by adjustable coilovers.

To account for the new wheel travel and go-anywhere nature, the front fender was cut, along with the bumper. This Smart off-roader also has some screen provenance behind it. The car was originally built by Gotham Garage for the Netflix series Car Masters: Rust to Riches. There is, however, some evidence of a screen-only build, like the hollow tubes on the exoskeleton and bits of the car's original red paint showing in some places.

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Inside, things were mostly kept stock, save for an aftermarket radio. Thanks to the external cage, the interior is still pretty roomy, at least for a Smart. Also kept stock is the 5-speed automatic gearbox, mated to a tiny 1.0-Liter 3-cylinder making a claimed 70 hp and 68 lb-ft.

We're hoping the new owner decides to prove this ForTwo off-road, but if not, it's still a show-stopper. Pull up next to any Safari 911, and that 911 is suddenly totally invisible to any passersby. To say the least, this thing is a Cars & Coffee king. As of now, the high bid on the auction is only $8,000. We'd be shocked if it went higher than $20,000 by the time the auction ends on April 25.

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