One Person Helped Tesla Make Almost $16 Million Via Its Referral Program


This guy just helped Elon Musk rake in some serious cash.

Back in the middle of 2015 Tesla introduced a referral program, with the idea being that its current customers could help bring in new customers with both parties being rewarded. One of those rewards was a free Model X SUV, like this guy won. The program was so successful that Tesla brought it back for a second round. In terms of referrals, one person is smashing the competition with 188. That means 188 people purchased either a Model S or Model X using his referral link.

The news was broken by Electrek, an outlet covering the transportation industry's shift from fossil fuels to electricity. It took a peek at the leaderboards and noticed a person named Wei70644 sat alone at 188. The next closest person checked in at 105 referrals. Electrek did the math, and assuming that each purchase averages out to $85,000 Wei made the company just about $16 million. Even if the numbers are off, the value of the referrals is likely to be in the millions. That's just nutty. Each person who uses the referral link gets $1,000 off their purchase and Elecktrek is reporting that Wei will get some seriously cool stuff. Hopefully some of those sales were of Model X SUVS.

Said cool stuff includes a P90D costing $130,000 (as in fully loaded), a Tesla Powerwall valued at around $3,000 and two invites to the launch of the Model 3 and the opening of the Gigafactory. The first round of the program gave the person doing the referring $1,000, but the second round of the program switched to a reward's system which breeds competition via a world and regional leader board. Despite all the bitching and complaining done by dealerships Tesla appears to be onto something with its direct to consumer sales model. After all, what other automaker or dealership rewards people so handsomely for sending customers its way?

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