Online Car Sharing Is About To Be Taken To A Whole New Level

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We're not sure if this is a good idea or not.

The new Chinese vehicle manufacturer that will run under the Geely banner with the brand name Lynk & Co is starting to release more and more information and features of its new concept crossover SUV, the Lynk & Co 01. Initial thoughts when hearing about a Chinese-made car is that things will be a little on the fake side with safety being sub-par, but thanks to holding company Geely also owning Volvo Cars, there's a whole lot of Swedish technology packed into the 01. The company has some innovative ideas.

We've already told you about how it wants the car to be connected to owners and users via an app and this video makes the idea a whole lot clearer.

If things work as smoothly as in the video it could mean a great future for the Chinese-Swedish collaboration, but we see a few flaws in the system. One concern is insurance on the car. Companies would need to have a whole new structure in place for connected cars if this kind of thing takes off. Who's responsible if the car gets in a smash or is used to rob a bank? The car can obviously be found via the app, but what if the borrower is using a fake profile and feels like keeping the car longer than the "agreed" period? In theory this could work in a first world city, but we're still not comfortable with the thought of lending out a car to a complete stranger. That's sorta like loaning your girlfriend out...

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