Only 3 Ford Mustang Mach-Es Were Sold Last Year

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But thousands were produced.

The Mustang Mach-E is Ford's most controversial vehicle of the 21st century. But the public seems to be coming around thanks to its balance of economy and power. The first US delivery took place late last year, but despite racking up a ton of orders, how many were actually sold in 2020? The answer is three more than in 2019. Before we twist your head with that confusing stat, the total is three because none were sold before it was released, obviously. Production only started in February 2020, when nine were made. March saw that figure jump to 97 before the COVID-19 pandemic slowed things down to just 17 units in April.

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But this was not a concern for the Blue Oval, as many other manufacturers experienced similar issues. May, June, and July saw Ford produce 16, six, and 12 examples, respectively. In August, production bounced back and 126 Mach-Es rolled off the line. In September, just 24 were made, but from October onwards, production jumped to its best figures of the year, with 736 units produced. November saw a massive increase in production after 2,545 units were completed, and December was even better, with 3,129 units made for a total of 6,717 over the whole year. This means that dealers should be well-stocked for 2021 when the Mach-E will finally be a regular sight on public roads.

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These figures contributed to total production numbers of 2,034,807 units for the year, most of which were from Ford's bread-and-butter offering, the F-150. A whopping 787,422 F-Series trucks were sold in 2020, almost 200,000 of which were sold in December. The ongoing pandemic has made a big impact on the sales and production figures of every industry, but it shouldn't be as much of a concern going forward seeing that sales and production from all brands seem to be on an upward trend. So yes, just three Mach-Es were sold last year, but we're positive that this year, thousands will leave dealer lots.

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