Only 3 LaFerraris In The World Have This Color, And This One's Going Up For Auction

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This is the Ferrari Batman would drive.

A few days ago we were blown away by the fact that an Aston Martin Vulcan was part of Mecum's upcoming Monterey auction. Now we have word that this matte black LaFerrari will also be a part of that very same auction. What a time to be alive. In case you were wondering, the name of this paint color is officially Nero DS Opaco and only three LaFerraris left the factory with it. In addition to its unique paint this car also has a badass steering wheel plaque that reads: "CAVALLO INFERNALE."


In Italian that translates to "infernal horse" or "horse from hell." The latter sounds better to us, so we're just going to go with that. The horse from hell has only 211 miles on the odometer which means that its previous owner probably took it for two or three spins before spiriting it off to a safe storage space. Much like the Vulcan, we're betting that this LaFerrari will go for millions. Although there are many more of Ferrari's hybrid supercar in the world than Aston Martin's track-only monster (499 to 24), this unique paint color should help drive its price up. A quick search of JamesEdition-not Craigslist unfortunately-shows 12 LaFerraris for sale around the world. All are red save for two white ones.

The cheapest is going for $2.8 million and the most expensive is priced at $4.9 million. Even if the color doesn't drive the price up the bidding should still be fierce as it's not every day that a hybrid V12 supercar making 949 horsepower with a top speed of 217 mph goes up for auction. Damn, this Mecum auction is going to be nuts.

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