Only A 800-HP Mercedes SLS AMG Can Beat A Porsche 911 GT3 RS On The Strip

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It wouldn't stand a chance in stock form.

Having watched a stock Mercedes-AMG E63 S take down a modified M6, we were interested to see more examples of stock vs. modified drag races. It didn't take long to come across this straight-line action, involving a Porsche 911 GT3 RS with its unfettled 500 horsepower, a Mercedes SLS AMG with a Morendi M800 tune giving it 800 horses, and a tuned C6 Corvette Z06 putting down 700 hp.

First up, the Porsche goes up against the 800-hp SLS AMG that starts the quickest and maintains its dominance throughout the half-mile run. The Merc managed the quarter mile in 11.268 secs at 129 mph and the half mile in 17.479 secs at 158.4 mph. By the end of the sprint, the 911 GT3 RS was over half a second behind.

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It reached the ¼-mile point in 11.598 secs at 122.8 mph, and the ½-mile finish line in 18.086 secs at 150.93 mph. The Z06 was the slowest of the three. Against the American brute, the Porsche only managed the quarter-mile in 12.058 secs at 123 mph and the half-mile in 18.309 secs at 150.73 mph. But that was more than enough to take down the Z06, which clocked a ¼-mile time of 12.397 secs at 121 mph and completed the run in 18.89 secs at 154.37 mph. Check the cars out in action and let us know which you'd prefer to call your daily driver.

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