Only A Perfectly Timed Jump Saved This Dog From Becoming Roadkill

This pup risked it all to get up close at a rally car race.

We know rally car races can be dangerous to humans—both spectators and drivers—but we never thought about the risk to animals. A dog can’t really understand the idea of a closed course after all. We don’t know how many animals die per year during rally events and frankly we don’t care to find out. This video isn’t about death: It’s about life. The little dog in this video was a second away from becoming roadkill but was luckily saved by a perfectly timed jumped. You’ve got to see this video to believe how close a call this was.

The amazing moment took place at the El Rally Codasur in Bolivia. Fernando Zuasnabar was the man behind the wheel. Collage image by @chavosalvatierra on Instagram.

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