Only Carroll Shelby Could Make A Dodge Omni This Cool

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Even the Germans were impressed.

Years after Carroll Shelby and the Ford Motor Company ended their very successful and legendary partnership that saw the Blue Oval winning Le Mans three years in a row and the birth of V8-powered Shelby Cobras and Mustangs, the former chicken farmer from Texas received a phone call from an old friend. Lee Iacocca, the former Ford executive fired by Henry Ford II and later hired by Chrysler to serve as CEO, had a proposal. Would Shelby be interested in working his performance magic for Auburn Hills instead of Dearborn?

Shelby accepted and one of his creations was the 1986 Dodge Shelby Omni GLHS. This hot hatch was a modified version of the also Shelby-modified Omni GLH, which stood for "Goes Like Hell." GLHS, very appropriately, stands for "Goes Like Hell S'More."

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Just 500 examples were built from 1986 to 1987, and all upgrades were made at the Shelby factory. Power came from a 2.2-liter turbocharged and intercooled inline-four rated at 175 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. Zero to 60 mph was achieved in 6.5 seconds and a quarter-mile took 14.8 seconds. Top speed was rated at 135 mph. A five-speed manual delivered power to the front wheels. The list of engine modifications was quite extensive and included new fuel rails, injectors, wiring harness, a bigger Garrett turbo and throttle body, tuned intake and exhaust manifolds, and induction hoses.

The interior received a Momo leather-wrapped shifter knob, shift pattern sticker, and a leather steering wheel. Exterior upgrades included a Shelby windshield decal, unique body graphics, and special wheels.

Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions

All were individually numbered with a plaque, but No. 086 was owned by Shelby himself, and now it's for sale. Set to cross the Mecum Auctions stage at no reserve next month, this 1986 Shelby Omni GLHS has just 8,176 miles on the clock and was titled in the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust name. Prior to his passing, he owned and drove it for years. This car has been shown in several live events and was featured in the Shelby Dodge Club calendar and in a 2017 episode of Dennis Gage's "My Classic Car".

Aside from the new tires, the paint, logo stickers, and interior are all original. You could go out and buy a new Volkswagen Golf GTI and be perfectly happy, but it wouldn't have certain bragging rights that come with the Shelby name.

Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions
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