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Only Chris Harris Would Compare The Porsche 911 R To An Old Peugeot

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But it's not just any Peugeot.

Many wrongly believe that only the latest and most expensive cars have the potential to be the best driver's cars. Not so. Don't take our word for it, but Chris Harris's. In this latest episode of Chris Harris Drives, the Top Gear co-host spends some time behind the wheels of what's undoubtedly the best 911 in years, the 911 R. You know, it's the extremely limited edition 911 that was commanding over a million bucks on the second hand, although hardly ever driven market. Porsche didn't like that too much, understandably so.

But the fact remains: the 911 R is brilliant; three pedals, naturally aspirated flat-six, rear-wheel-drive. Thing is, that magic formula also applies to many other cars, but only the 1991 Peugeot 205 Rallye, according to Harris, can take on the mighty 911 R as purist's machine. The Peugeot 205 Rallye may look like a small French hatchback.

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That's because it is, but it's also lightweight and relatively powerful, even though it's just 1.3-liter inline four under its hood. With a mere 103 hp or so, the 205 Rallye tips the scale at just 1,750 pounds. Stripped of literally all conveniences, such as soundproofing and electrical systems, the 205 Rallye is the real deal. Peugeot initially planned to build about 5,000 examples, but strong demand stated otherwise with a total production count of 30,111. And now one of those 26-year-old hot hatches is proudly owned by Chris Harris. Compared to that 911R, this little old Peugeot is mightier than you'd imagine.