Only Five Of These Acura NSX Carbon Body Kits Will Be Made

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And the stunning kit gets the Drift King's seal of approval.

The Acura NSX is a very special machine that has only been made more special by the arrival of the limited-edition Type S variant. Just 300 of these were made and all sold out almost instantly. But what if even that is too large a number for you? Well, you may be interested in the ARTA Mechanics body kit you see below, which was developed in collaboration with Japanese drifting legend Keiichi Tsuchiya, otherwise known as the Drift King. The kit was revealed at the recent 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon expo and is called Legavelo. It's made of carbon fiber, but instead of being a stick-on visual upgrade, this kit is comprised of all-new body panels.

ARTA Mechanics ARTA Mechanics ARTA Mechanics

The shape is said to have been inspired by the form of Super GT race cars, which ARTA has some experience with. The kit features new bumpers, redesigned fenders, updated side skirts, and a new tailgate. The roof is new too, as are the rear wing, B-pillars, and even fuel filler cap. All made from dry carbon, the final look is sinister indeed, but it has function too. Functional vents in the fenders were designed to relieve air pressure in the wheel wells, while a functional diffuser has also been fitted for even better handling. No weight claims have been made, but it's safe to assume that adding this much in carbon fiber replacement parts will result in a car with better handling and acceleration.

ARTA Mechanics ARTA Mechanics ARTA Mechanics ARTA Mechanics

No changes have been made to the powertrain either, but that could be a good thing, which we'll get to in a moment. Where you will see a change is in the forged aluminum wheels and the quad-barrel exhaust that looks exactly like Pagani's trademark exhaust finisher design. So why is the lack of added horsepower a good thing? Because the price would have swelled even further. At an MSRP of ¥25.3 million ($222,000, excluding the cost of an NSX to apply the kit to), this kit is only for those on very good terms with their bank managers. If you have the means but need a little more justification for the price beyond the fact that it's made from carbon and sees the elemental material added to the cabin with some suede touches, satisfy yourself with the knowledge that just five of these kits will ever be made, ensuring rarity.

ARTA Mechanics ARTA Mechanics ARTA Mechanics

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