Only Freezing Canadians Could Come Up With a Product This Cool


This is the Swiss army knife of snowmobiles.

We would wager to guess that many Canadians own either a snowmobile, a snowblower, or both. So it should not be much of a surprise that a Canadian company invents a production concept of an extremely versatile machine for getting around in the snow. The MTT-136 is a folding uni-track machine with handle bars that can be used as a low riding snow mobile/sled, as well as a snow blower, a plow, a snow cart, even a mobile electrical outlet. The 280 pound machine contains the motors and batteries in the track.

The contraption has a range of 45 KM to 210 KM. What it does not have is any financial backers, manufacturers or distributors to make this useful vehicle something more tangible than a cool promotional video.

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