Only In Electric Dreams: 2012 K1 Evelio Supercar

Goodwood Festival of Speed / Comments

The K1 Evelio is based on the K-1 Attack Roadster and made its debut at Goodwood this year. Production has come to a hault until the company can get enough funding.

Having made its public debut at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, the K1 Evelio looks very similar in appearance to the outgoing Tesla Roadster, a little too similar maybe. That's because the K1 Evelio is based on the K-1 Attack Roadster. The K1 Evelio has nearly the same body as its predecessor with the exception of an electric powertrain as opposed to the standard 2.0-liter V6 engine found on the Attack Roadster.

The body of the electric supercar appears to be made out of fiberglass with the chassis coming in a tubular steel space frame. Both cars were crafted in aluminum. Under that sexy super-powered EV hood, the K1 Evelio is expected to produce an output of 200hp and can cruise from 0-60 mph in a mighty quick time of 3.2 seconds. The K1 Evelio is expected to carry the same phosphate-based lithium ion battery system that can be found in the Fisker Karma. The set-up allows the battery to be charged faster and the range of the battery to last around 100-150 miles.

The K1 Evelio remains a prototype for now until the company can draw the funds needed to push the EV supercar into the next level of production.

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