Only in Italy Can a Cop Car be a Classic Ferrari

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What started off as something of a sarcastic remark turned into a reality.

After the Italian police successfully completed a major crackdown on organized crime in Italy back in 1962, the country's president asked the unit members what kind of award they'd like to have for their efforts. One officer sarcastically said a Ferrari. The president obliged and asked Enzo Ferrari himself for a favor. The "Old Man" soon sent to Rome a pair of Ferrari 250 GTEs. One was later involved in a fatal crash, but the other survived and went on to serve the police force for several years.

By all means, it was a total bad ass cop car and it even had a siren on top. After its decommission it was sold at auction and was missing for several years, but it's obviously now been found. It's a pretty cool story.

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