Only iPhone Loyalty Is Comparable To Tesla Model 3 Enthusiasm


Despite the delays, Model 3 depositors are willing to wait even longer.

Tesla began taking $1,000 deposits for its Model 3 in March 2016. Those early buyers didn't have the opportunity for a test drive, let alone a chance to see the car in-person. Imagine that level of enthusiasm for the Chevrolet Bolt or Nissan Leaf. Fact is, you don't. No other vehicle, EV or not, has a comparable level of pre-ownership enthusiasm. The only other piece of tech that does: the iPhone. Bloomberg News has an interesting report about Tesla Model 3 depositors who've been patiently waiting for their new cars, despite the delays.

In fact, they don't mind the delays and, in some cases, welcome them. "I just want Tesla to get the Model 3 right, even if takes them an extra six months," said one buyer who made a $2,000 deposit for two Model 3s. "I view any delays as a good thing to make sure that the quality is excellent." This isn't just one future owner's opinion, but that of many. Bloomberg reached out to 20 consumers who made Model 3 deposits and none have cancelled their orders despite Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitting a case of "production hell" and a possible end to the $7,500 tax credit. Industry analysts have also taken note of this level of loyalty.

"We believe there is a real passion for the brand," said one analyst. "It is bigger than loyalty because much of the enthusiasm comes from people who have never owned a Tesla. The only comparable we see is the iPhone." Another analyst added that "it seems to me that people would be willing to wait since they were never given a firm date when they would take delivery in the first place. The long wait seems to be building anticipation." With that in mind, just two of Bloomberg's surveyed Model 3 depositors even considered cancelling their reservations.


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