Only Lame Millionaires Deny Their Lamborghinis Of Snow Drifting

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Studded tires, all-wheel drive, and gobs of horsepower should be something everyone experiences.

Remember that time a classmate made fun of you for being too poor/short/fat/antisocial in grade school and your mom told you not to pay attention to the bully because everyone is special? Well, it's those special people who grow up and do the types of non-conformist things outliers do, such as not use a Lamborghini Aventador as a toy to carve up the snow with instead of using it to pick up women, taking it to a track for some hot laps, or showing it off at the car show.

That's just the sort of fun Carfection decides to get itself into after going to the Alps to attend the Lamborghini Winter Academy. Okay so maybe the fact that Lamborghini has a winter academy in the first place means that the cars aren't the worst at attempting to do things like this, but it could also be pure coincidence.

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During the day, participants practice how to hang the tail out on the snow track without losing control and ending up in a snow bank. All of that is leading up to a night drive where headlights constantly changing their aims and the sound of a V10 or V12 engine attempting to cause an avalanche are the only clues an onlooker would get. Thanks to metal spikes embedded in the tires, there's some semblance of grip for the driver to lean on when undergoing these sorts of maneuvers, but a major contribution to the sense of control comes from the all-wheel drive system and good instructors. If you have any sort of savings, you may want to save up for one of these adventures.

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