Only One 2023 Ferrari F8 Tributo Left The Factory And It's Somewhere In North America

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Somehow, only one has been produced for the model year and the owner might not even know how rare it is.

According to Car and Driver, there is a solitary Ferrari F8 Tributo floating around that happens to be the only of its kind.

The publication has confirmed that a single 2023 model left the factory in Maranello before production of the coupe ended and that the unusually unique variant was built for Ferrari North America, meaning it could be in the US, Canada, or Latin America.

This may seem trivial - and to most of us, it is - but in the world of high-end exotics, something particularly distinctive about a car can increase its value considerably. Just look at the ridiculous sums people will pay to own the first or last example of a new sports car.

2020-2023 Ferrari F8 Tributo Front Angle View Ferrari

If the owner knows what they have, we doubt they will use the car much, as owning the only F8 Tributo for the 2023 model year is pretty special. If they are also armed with the knowledge that they are in possession of the last mid-engine V8 Ferrari coupe to do without electrification, that's even more reason to stow it away for a big auction payday down the line. We differentiate between coupe and convertible because, although Ferrari reportedly ended orders for both variants a year ago, the automaker has confirmed to Car and Driver that the F8 Spider remains in production. Odd.

2020-2022 Ferrari F8 Tributo Front View Ferrari

When the Ferrari 296 GTB and GTS were revealed in 2021, Maranello said that these would not replace the F8 Tributo and Spider. But as it stands, the 296 effectively does replace the F8 as the entry-level mid-engine Fezza. Now that production of the coupe has officially closed, the drop-top's demise can't be too far away.

Ferrari announced earlier this year that it will debut four new cars this year. We've already seen the Roma Spider, which means three more cars are on the way. Two of them may be F8 coupe and convertible replacements.

Either way, the only 2023 F8 Tributo in the world is strangely special, and we expect to see it pop up for sale before too long.

2020-2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo Rear View Driving Ferrari

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2020-2023 Ferrari F8 Tributo Front Angle View
2020-2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo Rear View Driving
2020-2022 Ferrari F8 Tributo Front View

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