Only One American Truck Earned A Top Safety Pick Score

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And the winner is…

For the second year in a row, the Ram 1500 has earned the coveted Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Of course, not all Ram 1500s are created equal; only the Crew Cab models equipped with the Advanced Safety Group suite of features counts. Fortunately, this is a popular combo among customers, and for those who might be wondering, yes, even the Hellcat-powered Ram 1500 TRX counts for this coveted rating.

The IIHS requires vehicles to come with Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking in order to achieve this status, and the Ram full-size truck earned an "advanced" rating. Aiding safety, the truck has a sensor-fusion Automatic Emergency Braking system that blends camera technology with radar sensors to determine whether there's about to be an imminent frontal impact with another vehicle.

Frontal Aspect Ram
Side View Ram
Front Angle View Ram

The system will send the driver multiple alerts if necessary, and in case the driver still does not respond, the system will automatically deploy the truck's brakes. Both of these systems are part of the Advanced Safety Group, along with Lane Departure Warning-Plus, rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring with trailer coverage, and adaptive cruise control. Automatic emergency braking, which earned a "superior" rating in this case, is also standard on the Laramie, Rebel, Longhorn, Limited Longhorn, and Limited trim levels.

Trucks chosen to be sacrificed underwent a total of six crashworthiness tests, including three types of frontal tests while the remaining were side-impact, rear impact, and a rollover. All received top scores of 'Good'.

2019-2021 Ram 1500 Front Angle View Ram
2019-2021 Ram 1500 Rear Angle View Ram
2019-2021 Ram 1500 Dashboard Ram
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"A Top Safety Pick for the Ram 1500 solidifies our long-standing commitment to our customers through advanced technology and engineering expertise," said Mike Koval Jr., Ram Brand Chief Executive Officer for Stellantis. "This validation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety builds consumer confidence in our trucks and in the Ram brand."

It's important to note the IIHS's latest ratings do not count towards the Ram 1500 Classic, which is the previous generation model aimed at budget buyers which has made a significant contribution towards overall Ram brand sales. The 2021 Ram 1500 lineup, including the 1500 Classic and TRX, is now in dealerships nationwide.

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2019-2021 Ram 1500 Front Angle View
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