Only One Of These Exotic Super SUVs Will Come True


At least for now.

We've been told on more than one occasion, in-person mind you, that McLaren will never do an SUV. It's simply not in its market plan. Well, times are changing and the early sales success of the Lamborghini Urus is proof. The temptation may become too great one day for McLaren to ignore. Heck, Ferrari will soon launch an SUV of its own, slated to be called Purosangue.

There have even been some early rumors claiming Bugatti is considering one as well. Who knows what will happen over the course of the next few years, but one thing is already certain: high-performance SUVs, or let's just call them super SUVs, are officially a thing.

Talented rendering artist Giorgi Tedoradze must also suspect Bugatti and McLaren may jump on the super SUV bandwagon one day, and so he imagined what these future vehicles could look like. The Bugatti Royale and McLaren 820X both share a general shape, but the styling details are distinctive to each brand. The Royale's shape and design combo work the best, in our opinion, when compared to the also hypothetical 820X, which isn't quite as detailed. Could this styling direction work on a Bugatti SUV? Perhaps, but in many ways we don't think this rendering goes far enough, for a Bugatti that is.

Any Bugatti SUV should break into new design territory while still being unmistakable for anything other than a Bugatti. It's a huge design challenge for sure, but just look at the Lamborghini Urus.

detikcom via Twitter

And then there's the Ferrari SUV rendering, in this case called the X712. Does it work? Yes, but since we know Ferrari is currently at work on an SUV of its own, due by 2022, we're less inclined to chase after rendered images. What we want are spy photos, which will hopefully begin arriving soon. Those will provide better sizing and overall dimension reference points.

But still, Tedoradze's vision for a Ferrari SUV is quite bold and we hope the real deal takes the brand's design into some fresh territory.

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