Only The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Can Make Kimi Raikkonen Smile


For once, the Iceman can't control his emotions.

Famous for his apparent lack of emotion, Kimi Raikkonen, aka the Iceman, spends a lot of his time looking broody and offish, punctuated by spells behind the wheel of a Formula One car for Ferrari. Alfa Romeo has a car that will warm the heart of the coldest of men, something we’ve had the pleasure of discovering first hand. And after flogging the 503-hp sedan around Alfa’s proving ground with team mate Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari’s third driver, Antonio Giovinazzi, Kimi breaks a smile.

A genuine upward turn of his lips, a moment of genuine happiness on the face of F1’s man of stone. The Scuderia Ferrari drivers were apparently competing to clock the fastest times. And, being a promotional video, they all won.

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Kimi clocked the fastest 0-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds, Vettel managed the best lateral acceleration of 1.15 g, and Giovinazzi hit a top speed of 191 mph. Amazingly, these are the exact numbers Alfa claims the Giulia QV is capable of. At the heart of the QV is a Ferrari-developed 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6, arguably the greatest powerplant of any modern four-door sedan on the market today. We can’t think of another car in its class that would put a smile on Kimi’s face. As the video says, emotions always win, and the Giulia QV is one hell of an emotional car.