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Only the Dodge Grand Caravan is a Goner


The Caravan name will live on.

When Fiat-Chrysler announced its five-year plan the other week, the name Grand Caravan was left out. That’s because the minivan that literally started it all is a goner. The Chrysler Town & Country, however, will be kept alive with a completely redesigned model coming in the near future. Higher profit margins always win a debate. But as it turns out, CEO Sergio Marchionne never explicitly said the name "Caravan" would be tossed out the window.

It’s the "Grand" part that’s finished. "I never said the Caravan nameplate was going away," Marchionne just said at the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Investor Day 2014. When asked whether the name will be applied to a new model, such as a rebadged version of the Fiat Doblo, all Marchionne would add is this: "I think you’ll be pleased with the decision." In related news, Dodge managed to sell one Journey crossover the other day.

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