Only The Gearbox Remains Original In This Modified Porsche 964

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No heat. No air. Climate control inconveniences aside, it's a brilliant daily.

A real Porschephile probably wouldn't buy a brand new 911, save for, maybe, the new GT3 Touring or 911 R, if they can afford one. Purist new 911s aside, there's a huge market for original air-cooled 911s. Really, Porsche built these things for decades; it's not hard to find one. But they're no longer particularly cheap given the sudden upsurge in popularity. If you're willing to pay what's necessary, then one of the best air-cooled 911s out there is the 964, the generation Singer Vehicle Design starts with before those sick and ungodly expensive restomods.

One of Matt Farah's oldest friends, Larry Kosilla, owns a heavily modified 964 that could probably kill an inexperienced driver. He's done about as much as he can, modifications wise, to it at this point. Gone is the original flat-six, replaced by a 3.8-liter six that's good for 300 hp.

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This 911 also happens to be a Carrera 4, as in all-wheel drive, something that'll come in handy for daily driving in Connecticut. Over the years, literally everything has been ripped out and replaced, such as the sunroof because, obviously, sunroofs are pointless in weekend track cars. Oh, and the entire climate control system has been yanked out as well, which must suck in the winter and summer. The only main original component is the five-speed manual, which has been beefed up some. Think of this 964 Carrera 4 as a fine blend between old and new; you experience the joys of an air-cooled 911, but there are also plenty of modern mechanical upgrades.

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