Only THREE New Corvettes Were Built Last Week

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GM is tight-lipped about a mystery supply problem.

The global semiconductor chip shortage isn't over, and isn't expected to be until sometime early next year, at best. Every major automaker is affected. Those like General Motors whose profit relies heavily on trucks and SUVs have been forced to slash or outright halt production of less popular models, in this case, the Camaro and Malibu, to name just two from the Bowtie brand.

As for the Chevy Corvette Stingray coupe and convertible, production has also been affected though not because of a lack of chips, but rather due to a separate supply issue. GM has refused to elaborate further. In any case, the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky was quiet all last week and this week and production supposedly kicks off again on Monday, June 7.

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However, a report originating from the C8 Corvette Owner's Group on Facebook, via CorvetteBlogger, claims last week's shutdown wasn't a complete shutdown. Somehow, a grand total of three Corvettes were built. Members of the group verified this thanks to production results and VIN counts.

But the big question everyone is asking is why were only three built? Were these special orders that needed to be completed as soon as possible? Or could the explanation be as simple as the plant wasn't fully closed but rather operating at a very, very limited pace. We'll just never know for sure. In any case, production for the 2022 Corvette is expected to get underway in the next month or so.

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No significant changes are planned for the new model year, though we previously learned three new color choices will be available: Hypersonic Gray, Caffeine, and Amplify Orange. They are replacing Shadow Gray, Zeus Bronze, and Sebring Orange.

The big 2022 Corvette reveal, however, is the new Z06. Chevy is understandably keeping a tight lid on this one but solid rumors claim it'll come powered by a naturally aspirated 5.5-liter V8 with as much as 625 horsepower and a 9,000 rpm redline. This could turn out to be the most powerful NA V8 in existence. For now, let's hope C8 Stingray production gets back up and running as planned. There are plenty of anxious customers out there.

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